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“ Dortex Technology Co., Ltd.”, our main specialty is for the micro-processor automatic control and charge control technology, our specialized production is in automated subassembly module & requisites at present. We also engage in specialized design and produce variety of micro-processor automatic door operators, since based on the advantage of mechatronics technology.

We have achieved automatic systems with high quality and precision. Refer to the market of government organization, a public construction, an industry and home using automatic equipment increase year by year, we will work hard for products and innovation expanding positively. We also will devote to develop an automatic and humanized equipment to improve our competitive ability.

Development history

Jun, 1997 Established in Kuan Miao Shiang, Tainan County, Taiwan
Jan, 1998 Joined “Taiwan Symbol of Excellence Winner Association”
Jan, 1999 Joined “CRIA (Chung-Hwa Railway Industry Development Association)”
Feb, 2000 Accredited by UKAS for ISO 9001 Certificate
Jun, 2001 Approved European Union CE Certificate
Apr, 2002 Re-organized in“ Jia Yuan Precision Co., Ltd. ”
Jul, 2005 Relocated to No. 16, Da-Shun Rd., Rende Shiang, Tainan County, Taiwan
JuL, 2008 Established productive energy saving and carbon dioxide reduction R & D centre
MAY, 2013 Re-organized in「Dortex Technology Co., Ltd. 」

General information

Company : Dortex Technology Co., Ltd.
Capital : NT$ 25,000.000
General Manager : Mr. David Lin
National Registered Number : 54077125
Address : No. 16, Da-Shun Rd., Rende District, Tainan City, Taiwan R.O.C.
Tel : 886-6-273-0993 ( Representative Line )
Fax : 886-6-273-5613
Website : http//www.dortex.com.tw
Email Address : dortex@ms23.hinet.net
External Trade Department : Rekamuli Co.,Ltd.
Fax : 886-2-8973-1128
Email Address : rekamuli@mars.seed.net.tw